Håndsignaler enhver hardballspiller bør kende. Det er de samme billeder som de andre, men med en humoristisk tekst, som referer til airsoft spillere.

Oprindeligt fra Unconventional Airsoft. Han har ændret sin tekst lidt, men jeg kan bedst lide denne oprindelige.

I think I saw something Did you mean me?
(confirmation requested)
Looks clear - No
need to be quiet
Speak up I'm having a hard time seeing very far without my glasses
Aim for the ass
I can't reach this pocket
(assistance requested)
I have been hit (showing approximate size of hole) Something's wrong with my gun (repeat gesture to
add "... again!" to indicate frustration)
This is my stop
Shut up a second My battery died
Jesus Christ, they're
shooting at us
Be quiet for once in your goddamed lives, already I need more ammo


Unwashed Teenager
Bearded thug
Crybaby Unconscious
Weak heart Boyish, hairless male
Television Book Shit, I think he
was on our side
He'll be out in a minute I missed because my
sights are off
Sorry, my fault
My (fogged-up) goggles
need a wipe
I brought the wrong
ammo again
This is what I think
of your opinion
They haven't got a chance
They may have a chance We haven't got a chance
You first There's no way I'm
going in there
We're outta here
Stay in front of me
where it's safe
Are there two teams,
or what?
This gear is heavy, my lower back could use a massage