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Illustration of danMark 2



After connecting the danMark 2 to the telephone connector in the wall the receiver has to be lifted off until the display turns on. The display will turn on after about 30 seconds.

The receiver can now be replace and the phone is ready for use.


How to make a telephone call

A telephone call can be made without lifting the receiver:

If the number is busy, tip (S) back.

When the receiver is lifted the speaker is automatically deactivated. To activate the speaker tip (S) again and adjust the volume with the volume control if necessary.

If you want to repeat a call the same number you do not have to dial the number again.

Notice that the redial button can not be activated before the display has turned off after the previous call.

If you prefer to dial in the traditional way you can use danMark 2 like any other pushbutton telephone.

You lift off the receiver and dial the number.


How to use the automatic number sender

The number sender can remember 9 telephone numbers (max. 16 digits) which you program yourself with the receiver placed on hook.

Repeat the procedure for every subscriber number.

Calls to one of these numbers are made by pressing the corresponding (N) number sender button instead of using the key pad.

When a new number is coded in the number sender the old one is deleted automatically.

Deleting a number without encoding a new one is done with the receiver placed on hook.

When the number has been deleted the display shows (::::::::::)

The subscriber number in the number sender can be checked.

N.B. If the display flashes (8888888888) while entering a number, there is an incoming call to the phone. Release (P) and answer the call. If the encoding of a number had begun it has to be repeated from the beginning.


How to make a call with both hands free

Place the receiver in front of or next to the telephone and tip (S) which activates the speaker.

If the speaker is turned up too high it can start to howl (feedback). Then move the receiver or turn the volume down a little using the volume control.

If the one you are talking to has to wait the danMark 2 can be put in waiting mode (parking).

The caller is now unable to hear you but you can still hear the connection in the speaker.

The call can be resumed by lifting the receiver.


How to use the redial buttons many functions

The last telephone number you have dialed is normally remembered by the redial button - however this function can be disabled.

Temporarily disabling the redial function after a single call

With the receiver lifted:

or with the receiver placed on hook:

The next time the receiver is lifted the display shows (::::::::::)

Disabling the redial function after all calls

The last called number is now only remembered if you press (K) before the call is ended.

If you again wish the telephone to automatically remember the last called number do the following:


How to avoid errors when dialing telephone numbers with many digits

Before the call with the receiver placed on hook you can place a number in the redial button (G) and check it on the display.

When dialing use the redial button (G) instead of the key pad.

This number is of course erased when later dialing other numbers.


Making note of a telephone number

While you are on the phone it sometimes happens that you are given a phone number.

During the call you can save the number in the redial button (G).

After the conversation has ended the number is displayed by pressing and holding down (P).

If the noted number has to be permanently coded in one of the number sender buttons do the following:


How to change the sound of the ringer

Illustration of the different properties of the ringer

danMark 2 can be programmed to the ringing you find most appealing.

The ringing consists of a number of tones and you can control the volume and pitch, the number of tones and the frequency (speed).

The programming is done without lifting the receiver.

If (3) was the chosen property the receiver has to be lifted and then replaced.

Repeat the above programming for every property.

The ringing can also be changed simply by pressing one or more buttons while the telephone is ringing.


Silent "ringing"

If you do not want the telephone to ring the ringer can be disabled but instead the display will tell you that the phone is ringing like this: (8888888888)

The telephone will ring like normal after the receiver has been lifted.

Disabling the ringer is done like this:


Voice control is an automatic volume regulation which can prevent the sound from the speaker from being fed back into the microphone "feed back" (the telephone howls).

Voice control is automatically disabled when the speaker is not in use.

In noisy rooms it can be useful to have voice control enabled even when the speaker is not in use.

If voice control is to be completely disabled:

If voice control has to be set to factory default:


How to check the telephones properties

Before (P) is released a pattern of numbers is display every number representing a property of the phone.

In the example the shown numbers represent the properties as the are set at the factory.

Sorry - this picture is currently not available in English


How the phone is set back to factory default settings

The numbers in the number sender is however not touched.


How to operate the danMark 2 when connected to a PABC (private switch board)

Extension numbers can be coded in the number sender as described in the section about the automatic number sender.

The operations in the following only deal with redial and number sender when making an outside call.


Making a call using the number sender

(Coding of a subscriber number as described in the section about the automatic number sender)

N.B. If an outside line is called by pressing a number on the key pad the number sender has to be programmed to also include this number.



When cleaning the telephone, receiver and telephone cord use a cloth wrung out in clean water.

Do not use solvents like alcohol, trichlorideetylene, acetone and similar.



If the telephone is disconnected from the wall connector all the functions and all the numbers in the number sender are erased after about 15 minutes.

After that time the danMark 2's functions will be set back to factory defaults.


The text and illustrations in this guide are all copied (and translated) from the original as precisely as possible and reproduced without any permissions what so ever.

The color photo at the top of the page is taken from the homepage of the Danish Telephone Museum, which also has a page about the history of the danMark 2 telephone.


Notice: This is a rough translation from Danish and I am sure there are (spelling) errors. If you find any errors or if there is something you do not understand please let me know.